Code of Ethics

The Canadian West Highland White Terrier Club (herein referred to as “CWHWTC”) recognizes its responsibility to preserve, improve and protect the West Highland White Terrier breed. It further recognizes that the quality, health, reputation and future of the breed are the responsibility of all members of the CWHWTC whether they are breeders or pet owners. Therefore, the following standards of conduct are to be followed by all members of the CWHWTC.

  1. All members will be responsible Westie owners, ensuring the well-being and safety of the animal as being the first and foremost consideration throughout its lifetime.
  2. Members acknowledge that we are a diverse group with varying opinions and therefore are to be respectful of fellow Club members by refraining from making unfair or untrue statements about either the West Highland White Terrier or practices of others.
  3. Good sportsmanship in the conformation/obedience ring or any other dog related activity is expected.
  4. Members will respond politely to all enquiries from the public and give accurate information concerning the Westie and the CWHWTC.
  5. If, for whatever reason, a member finds s/he will no longer be able to keep his/her West Highland White Terrier, s/he will:
    1. Never abandon said West Highland White Terrier to a shelter or any other such place.
    2. Contact and inform the breeder/seller of the change in circumstances so that person can be able to help locate an alternative home.
    3. If necessary seek the help of the membership at large.

Member-Breeder Specific Clauses

  1. All members will encourage and promote the breeding of purebred Westies. Members who are breeders of the West Highland White Terrier (herein referred to as “WHWT”) will be familiar with the Canadian Kennel Club (herein referred to as “CKC”) rules governing recordkeeping, registrations, sales, and transfers of dogs and will abide by the rules. Any warranties/contracts pertaining to the sale of a dog will be put in writing with copies for the buyer, seller and CKC, if applicable. In addition, once a decision has been made to produce a litter the following must occur:
    1. All litters will be registered with the Canadian Kennel Club and each puppy in the litter will be individually registered
    2. New owners will receive a registration document at no additional cost and within the CKC prescribed time limit (6 months)
    3. None of the puppies will be sold through a pet store or broker
    4. The breeder should provide a written health guarantee against genetic or congenital defects
  2. Members who breed the WHWT will stand behind the quality and health of their stock. Consideration and serious thought will be given before a dog or bitch is bred. The following points to be part of our club breeder standard:
    1. No female will be bred before the age of 14 months.
    2. No female will be successfully bred more than 2 out of 3 cycles.
    3. No female will be bred past the age of 7 years
  3. If s/he sells a West Highland White Terrier with a known health problem or which deviates from the standard to an extent that could be detrimental to the welfare of the breed, full disclosure of same will be shared with the buyer at the time of purchase. The sale will be conditional that the dog not be bred. Additional contracts for spaying or neutering are to be implemented. CKC or breeder’s non-breeding contracts will apply.
  4. All breeding will be planned to improve the breed. All breeders/members will be familiar with the standard and will do everything to discourage breeding from inferior specimens. No dogs/bitches exhibiting serious hereditary defects, unsound temperaments, or poor health will be bred.
  5. If a Westie produces offspring with birth defects or hereditary problems from litters by three different mating partners, the breeder/member will refrain from further use of this animal for breeding.
  6. No breeder/member will breed a bitch unless s/he has the time and facilities to provide care, nutrition and veterinary attention for the physical/emotional development of the dam and puppies.
  7. No breeder/member will sell or transfer any puppy or adult to a pet store, catalogue house, commercial breeder (including puppy mills) or wholesale dealer. They will also refuse to provide stud service to any person engaged in the foregoing transactions.
  8. The breeders will have a lifelong commitment to the puppies and will be available to provide support to the new owners. Should a puppy become involved with a CWHWTC recognized rescue, the breeder will take responsibility for that pup either physically and/or financially.
  9. Breeder members will ensure that all advertising is factual. Misleading or unfounded implications or criticism of others will not be tolerated.

Last Revised: March 2021

Page last updated:  September 2, 2021

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