2018 CWHWTC Nominations

2018 CWHWTC Nominations

I got an email from Richard Davidson on September 1, 2017 regarding the Nominations for the upcoming 2018 CWHWTC Board Member positions and it got me thinking about our club and our wonderful doggies.

First I would like to Thank Pat Logan-Hale for taking on the difficult task as club President for this current term, it surely has not been an easy task for her.

Secondly I would like to thank Crystal Siemens  for running this years National Specialty in Saskatchewan. Again this was a very difficult task and I have heard of nothing but good comments from all CLUB participants.

I am relatively new to the CWHWTC and as a new member I have made some observations over the past 4 years and with the upcoming election I thought I should share them with our members;

1. CWHWTC has a lot of very lovely Westies in our club membership that meet the CKC club standard

2. There are sure a lot of Westies in world that no longer meet the CKC Club Standard.

3. The dog world is EXTREMELY political and reminds me of the Figure Skating World and the Gold Medal controvery

4. There are a lot of people who love Westies because they are so darn cute; large dog in a small package

5. It is very hard to learn about Confirmation Dog Shows for a person outsider the dog world

6. Great Mentors are very hard to come by in this world and their time to share is very limited

7. Great Breeders are very fearful of a diluted blood line

8. Doodles Rescues have severely impacted the world’s view on Pure Bred Dogs

9. Pet Mills have done a lot of damage to the Pet Industry as a whole.

10. The word backyard breeder can mean different things to different people

11. People do not participate in club activities any more due to Cost, Distance and Politics

12. People join Westies In Need or other Rescue groups to socialize and educate themselves about our lovely bred

13. A number of CWHWTC breeders have either passed away or retired over the past few years, making it harder to find a CKC
standard West Highland White Terrier

14. People interested in becoming a Westie breeder are often misjudged, cant find a mentor or breeding dog, and / or understand
the time and financial commitments required to be come a Great Breeder

15. Club members need to be ACTIVE participants if they want to keep the club running to their liking year after year.

16. A Westie is like a potato chip, you cant just have one!

My observations are mine alone and you do not need to agree or disagree with my statements.

With the upcoming nominations closing date of September 22, 2017 take the time to make your own observations and think about what changes if any you would like to see happen in the CWHWTC and act accordingly.